2019 Fire on the Mountain BBQ Contest

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2019 Grand Champion
Continental BBQ Company

2019 Reserve Champion
Smoke on This


Chicken – 1st Blue Chip BBQ
Chicken – 2nd Under the Radar
Chicken – 3rd Continental BBQ
Chicken – 4th We Q 4 U
Chicken – 5th Hogtown BBQ
Chicken – 6th Smoke on This
Chicken – 7th Redbeard’s BBQ
Chicken – 8th Algood BBQ Pit Crew
Chicken – 9th Elite BBQ
Chicken – 10th Making Meat BBQ


Ribs – 1st Hogtown BBQ
Ribs – 2nd Smoke on This
Ribs – 3rd Hummingbird BBQ
Ribs – 4th Redbeard’s BBQ
Ribs – 5th Making Meat BBQ
Ribs – 6th Algood BBQ Pit Crew
Ribs – 7th Continental BBQ Company
Ribs – 8th Blue Chip BBQ
Ribs – 9th Midwest Bottom Feeders
Ribs – 10th Bar Beam Que


Pork – 1st Farmers’ Retreat BBQ
Pork – 2nd K-Town Daddy’s BBQ
Pork – 3rd Under the Radar
Pork – 4th Elkhawg Smokers
Pork – 5th Miss Piggy’s UK
Pork – 6th Smoke on This
Pork – 7th Algood BBQ Pit Crew
Pork – 8th Hogtown BBQ
Pork – 9th Continental BBQ Company
Pork – 10th We Q 4 U


Brisket – 1st Continental BBQ Company
Brisket – 2nd Bar Beam Que
Brisket – 3rd Elite BBQ Team
Brisket – 4th Meat Misters
Brisket – 5th Under the Radar
Brisket – 6th Elkhawg Smokers
Brisket – 7th K-Town Daddy’s BBQ
Brisket – 8th Harlan County Coal Burners
Brisket – 9th Extra Mile BBQ
Brisket – 10th Butts N Racks BBQ

Peoples' Choice Award

1. Bar Beam Que 12. K-Town Daddy’s BBQ
2. BBQ Up 13. Makin’ Meat BBQ
3. Blue Chip BBQ 14. Meat Misters
4. Butts N Racks BBQ 15. Miss Piggy’s UK
5. Continental BBQ 16. Paradise BBQ
6. Elite BBQ Smokers 17. Smoke on This – Winner
7. Elk Hawg Smokers 18. Haven BBQ
8. Extra Mile BBQ 19. Uncle Butch’s BBQ
9. Farmer’s Retreat BBQ 20. Midwest Bottom Feeders
10. Hoggy Bottom Boys 21. We Q 4 U
11. Hogtown BBQ 22. Under the Radar BBQ

Peoples' Choice Winner
Smoke on This
Cup #17

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